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Welcome to DISI (pronounce: /dizzy/ which is short for DISI Is Still Incomplete), a wiki focusing on computational pharmacology and ligand discovery tools hosted by on behalf of the Irwin Lab and Shoichet Lab. This wiki aims to serve several constituencies, and is a work in progress. Please work with us and help us improve it.

WHO are you?

This site contains information for lab members and for everyone using our public tools:

WHY are you here?

Do you have a question?

We have attempted to organize pages in several places, based on the kinds of questions you might have.


Manuals for using lab software and tools, descriptions of programs, packages, websites, etc.


Tutorials and step-by-step instructions of specific use cases.


Theory and conceptional explanations of techniques. These often not tied to a single program, package, or website and may differ from reality.


Everything else

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