DOCK Blaster:Prepare Input

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This is the guide of how to prepare input for DOCK Blaster.

Quick Overview

  • 1. Specify a target (PDB format).
  • 2. Identify the binding site with a ligand or residues that form the site.
  • 3. Select a database to dock.
  • 4. Supply any positive controls (actives) you may have.
  • 5. Supply any negative controls (experimental decoys) you may have.
  • 6. Agree to the terms and click "I agree, DOCK!"

Sample Data

Sample data are available

  • DUD
  • Gold test set
  • other test sets
  • you can also generate your own sample decoy data



See also:

and the DOCK Blaster main page DOCK Blaster.


Each successful run of DOCK Blaster creates output in the Top Hits Collection (THC)