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This is how to check in your 3D contribution to ZINC22 3D to UCSF. Your contribution will be acknowledged and redistributed to all ZINC22 mirror sites.

  • 0. request credentials from chemistry4biology at gmail.com

you will get: userid and portalid

  • 1. set up a tunnel
ssh -vCL localhost:2222:gimel:22 -D1080 <userid>@<portalid>.compbio.ucsf.edu
  • 2. set up rsync script:
setenv i $1
rsync -ar -e "ssh -p 2222" -arv $i/out <userid>@localhost:/nfs/exb/zinc22/tarballs/$i.out
  • 3. rsync your output
  • say your output is in H25P250.smi.batch-3d.d, then
csh rsync H25P250.smi.batch-3d.d
  • you can do this near the end and again after this tranche is finished.

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