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Single landing page for lab procedures affected by the campus closure due to Covid19.

Guidance from BKS

Both UCSF and the new SF ordinance allow for skeleton crew to be on site to take care of urgent business. They direct us to follow social distancing, wear gloves, minimize your time in contact with people. If someone from the city (e.g., the police) or UCSF asks, that is your (legitimate!) explanation.

But we can receive and even redirect packages onward.

For compounds destined for UNC, I suggest they stay here at UCSF, stored appropriately; UNC is shutting down too. Covid-19 molecules should still be sent on to Paris and NYC.

I have designated four lab folks as crucial with permission to be on site after Wednesday: John, me, Parnian and JK. I have discussed this with UCSF emergency response.

Please remember to refresh the google doc with your status. Every couple of days at least, even every day. Its important not just for you but everyone.

Important Questions

1. Has everyone been successful logging in remotely? Are your public ssh keys working with gimel/portal? Are you trying to get remote desktops like Teamviewer working? Please add suggestions on making work from home easier.

2. Do you have a package being delivered? Can it be held by the company (Genscript is offering this)? If it is coming to UCSF, can it sit at room temp or does it need to be stored in the freezer/fridge? Who handles this?

3. What about meetings? Does everyone have Zoom access/Skype? Suggestion: for subgroup meetings, we do a shared google slides like the Roth lab meeting

4. Hardware/computation issues: "I'm having problems with gimel, my workstation, need software installed, computer needs a reboot, etc." Who do I contact?

5. Technical help: "I need help debugging a script, does any have a script that does X, etc.". How do we maintain contact with labmates? Suggestion: this is a perfect use-case for Slack, large group debugging, individual assistance, lab announcements, etc. Google hangouts and email viable but less organized.

6. Maybe a weekly virtual coffee hour/beer hour to stay connected socially as well.