Cluster 4

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Cluster 4 is our self-centric name for the SciNet cluster in Canada.

This instructions are intended for Shoichet Lab members. Getting a SciNet accont is a multistep process. To access SciNet you must have a U of T email address.

(0) Contact Finance in Pharmacy to get a U of T email address.

(1) Register with the Compute Canada Database (CCDB):

(1.1) go to the following page and click Register:

(1.2) Read and accept the Compute Canada Acceptable Use Policy.

(1.3) Then click on register again.

(1.3) select No for the question: 'Have you ever applied for a Compute Canada account before?'

(1.4) In your personal information.

  • For the Select-a-username feild, Use our UTORid.
  • Under the Sponsor feild, give John Irwin's Compute Canada Role Identifier (CCRI). ask him for his CCRI.
  • Under the Institution feild chose SciNet: University of Toronto
  • The perfere that you uses the instution e-mail address: [username]
  • click submit appication

(1.5) an email will be sent to you. you will need to click on a link to verify that this is your e-mail and that you did in fact apply.

(1.6) John Irwin will need to approve you.

(2) Getting a SciNet account.

(2.1) Once your acount is created you then can login to Compute Canada

(2.1) Pick SciNet from the list.

(2.2) for the New Account Application SciNet Usage Policy, read and then click Yes

(2.3) you will then need to choose a password

(2.4) Once your account request created successfully, You will receive an email with your login information once your request has been processed by SciNet staff. Please allow 3-5 business days.