Tomcat Installation on CentOS 6

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The Tomcat server runs on n-9-22. I used the guide at this link to setup Tomcat.

What if n-9-22 is restarted / rebooted?

Install and Set Up on TomCat

Step 1: Check the CentOS version and Java version

SmallWorld currently runs on n-9-22, which runs CentOS 6.10. You can check the version of CentOS with the following command:

   cat /etc/centos-release

Check your current version of Java with the following command:

   java -version

If you do not have the correct version, install it using yum. Follow the steps on this tutorial

Step 2: Create Tomcat Service Account

This must be done as a root user and has already been done for n-9-22.

   groupadd tomcat
   mkdir /opt/tomcat
   useradd -g tomcat -d /opt/tomcat tomcat

Step 3: Create Initialization Script to Control Apache TomCat

Download the latest version of Apache TomCat from the website

   vi /etc/init.d/tomcat9

Copy the bash script from here

How to Restart the TomCat Server

Login to n-9-22 as root and run the screen called tomcat. You don't need to be in a screen to run this command, but I have the screen just to keep the tomcat commands in one place.

To restart, use

   service tomcat9 restart

To start and stop separately, use

  service tomcat9 start
  service tomcat9 stop