ZINC12 release notes

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These are the release notes for ZINC12.

Aims of ZINC12

The aim of ZINC12 is to simplify the prioritization and purchasing of new molecules.

Aims of this document

  • to provide sufficient information to use the interface
  • to give an indication of what currently is not implemented or working

General Notes

  • ZINC12 is not really ready for prime time. (May 3, 2011). However, it now contains enough new features to be interesting. Thus we are encouraging people to try it.
  • ZINC12 will continue to change substantially over the summer of 2011. We expect it to stabilize around August, and which point we will freeze it and start work on ZINC13.
  • If ZINC12 gives you any trouble at all, please go back and use ZINC11.

New Features

  • all new look
  • more flexible searching (and a new structure to enable future innovations)
  • modular reports
  • authentication and a persistent shopping cart metaphor
  • preferences

Not yet working

  • choice of report format within shopping cart
  • more report formats in results report
  • multiple shopping carts

What to expect in May

What to expect by August - ZINC12 release

Features that will be in ZINC13 and not ZINC12

  • optimize purchase instructions
  • transmit purchasing requests to vendors
  • interoperability with DOCK Blaster