Install Phenix

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These are our notes for installing Phenix

You want to download the latest nightly version here:

You need to have a name and password emailed to you before you can download the tar file. To request password go to: Once the tar file is downloaded:

scp it to fawlty:/nfs/software/phenix/

Extract the tarball and then cd into the install directory. Then run the install like this:

sudo ./install --prefix=/nfs/software/phenix/

Once this finishes installing, change the “current” pointer to point to the new phenix directory. I also have a README file that contains the following instructions on how to use PHENIX: To use phenix source the following files, just replace "phenix-dev-1565" with the version of phenix you would like to use.: You can begin using PHENIX now by setting your environment with the 'source' command:

csh users:

source /usr/local/phenix-dev-1565/phenix_env

bash users:

source /usr/local/phenix-dev-1565/

To use PHENIX, go to a work directory and type:

You may wish to put the source statement in your .cshrc or .bashrc  file.