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HP Array Configuration Utility (hpacucli) works with HP RAID controller cards to configure RAID levels, get RAID information, and action various commands on an array.

Common hpacucli commands

To show the configuration status of entire array:

hpacucli ctrl all show config

To show details of all physical drives related to a single RAID controller (note slot number can be obtained by ctrl all show config command):

ctrl slot=<slot number> pd all show detail
# this command will provide you with the serial numbers of the physical drives in the array

To show details of a single physical drive:

 hpacucli ctrl slot=<slot number> pd <physical drive number> show detail
 [root@nfshead2 ~]# /opt/compaq/hpacucli/bld/hpacucli ctrl slot=1 pd 1e:1:7 show detail
 Smart Array P800 in Slot 1
  array A
     physicaldrive 1E:1:7
        Port: 1E
        Box: 1
        Bay: 7
        Status: Failed
        Drive Type: Data Drive
        Interface Type: SATA
        Size: 1 TB
        Firmware Revision: HPG6    
        Serial Number: 9QJ2BVES            
        Model: ATA     GB1000EAFJL     
        SATA NCQ Capable: True
        SATA NCQ Enabled: True
        PHY Count: 1
        PHY Transfer Rate: 1.5GBPS