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The find command is used to locate files within a given directory that contains several characteristics you desire.

Usage: find [symbolic link option] <list of paths to search> [find options]

The symbolic link options are as follows: -P: Do not follow symbolic links. This is the default option. (Remember P for Prohibited from following symlinks) -L: Always follow symbolic links. This will cause the find command to examine whatever the symlink points to. (L for Loves to follow symlinks) -H: Only follows if symlink is in the list of paths to search (H for

find options

-size [n]<mkg>: using n units of space in conjunction with a + or - and unit type, can search for files of certain size

-user user_name: files that are owned by user user_name

-xdev: don't descend directories on other file systems

Use option -print 2>/dev/null to skip find error messages