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This is the detailed information for workshop #10, Proteopedia, Erice 2010.

To get a feeling for the web resource Proteopedia, visit and click on the green links on the main page.


The aim of this workshop is to teach students and professors how to use a new tool in communicating structural biology: Proteopedia. Proteopedia is an online wiki-resource that allows structural biologists to communicate 3D structures by linking descriptive text to 3D scenes of the structures. The result is a presentation of a 3D structure that feels incredibly intuitive to the person viewing the page.

Since Proteopedia is a wiki-resource, users may add content to any page in the resource, just like on this site or on Wikipedia. However, user accounts in Proteopedia are restricted members of the scientific community (academia, industry, educators, and students). Proteopedia also gives users the capability to create content such as lectures, tutorials, and supplementary material that can be protected from editing by anyone except the author.

Using Proteopedia as a resource is very simple, and is as simple as navigating this very site, so instead this workshop will focus on teaching students and professors how to add content to Proteopedia. This is also a simple matter and students can expect to create a page on their favorite protein.


This workshop is suitable for students and professors who wish to communicate their 3D structures more powerfully and effectively. It is also suitable for students and professors who wish to contribute to a growing online 3D encyclopedia of structural biology.

This workshop is suitable for complete novices.


Websites to review before the workshop


Here are the step by step instructions for doing the workshop

  • 1. go to ...
  • 2. do this ...
  • 3. do that ....

We will be updating this page soon with details about the workshop. For now see to learn about Proteopedia, or email Eran Hodis directly with questions at eran dot hodis at


Here are the "bonus projects" you may work on if you finish the workshop early.

  • 1.

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