Disk Quotas

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Quota management on (new) XFS disks (Including /nfs/work and /raidb):

xfs_quota -xc 'limit bsoft=1t bhard=1.5t teague' /raidb
xfs_quota -xc report /raidb
xfs_quota -xc help

group quotas

xfs_quota  -xc 'limit -g bsoft=35t bhard=36t bks' /srv/work

Also see the website: [1]

Grant access on bet: (belongs on quotas page)

xfs_quota -xc "limit bsoft=1000g bhard=1500g tbalius" /srv/work

update magdalena on work (belongs on quotas page)

quota -us mkorcz
xfs_quota -xc "limit bsoft=4000g bhard=4000g mkorcz" /srv/work
quota -us mkorcz